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Family Tree Searchers

Helping you search your family tree


What I Can Do For You

I do not offer set research packages, as no family is the same and people want to know different things about their ancestors.

Therefore the details of your requirements will be tailored made to exactly what you are looking to find out.

I can help you find relatives you never knew you had.

Trace your family roots.

Find out what your ancestors did.

Follow a family story to see if it is true.

So please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements further without any obligation.

Your requirements may include:

Family Tree

You may not know anything about your ancestors and want to start a family tree from scratch with no previous knowledge


You may already have researched your family tree but have hit a brickwall that you require some help with.

Genetic Genealogy

You may which to find out your ethnicity and where you come from and would like to take a DNA test 

Lost Relatives

Have you lost contact with a relative and wish to try and find them again

Specific Question

You may have a specific question you would like answered, or a family story you want to know more about.

Wedding or Gift Package

How about a unique wedding gift. 

The Bride and Groom's family tree's presented together

What our customers are saying

There was always a nagging doubt in my mind that all the stories I was told about my family history did not add up – Heather through her hard work, diligence, and passion has found new relatives, a colourful history that had been hidden away and unlocked feelings about people who without Heather's expertise would have been hidden forever.

Leon Hutchinson - Devon